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Rockwealth signs exclusivity deal with Realgold

News Release - Mr. Dev Randhawa reports ROCKWEALTH RESOURCES CORP. ENTERS INTO EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT WITH REALGOLD RESOURCES CORP. Rockwealth Resources Corp. has entered into an exclusivity agreement with Realgold Resources Corp. whereby the company will...

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Mercenary Alert: No Longer a Stan So This Project Is Good to Go

A Special Alert Musing from Mickey the Mercenary Geologist September 3, 2019 I’ve said this many times over my 27 years as a junior resource speculator: “I won’t put my money into any country that ends in “stan”. My reasoning is simple: Most of these countries are...

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RTG to acquire 90% of Chanach from White Cliff

2019-09-05 13:01 ET - News Release Ms. Justine Magee reports RTG TO ACQUIRE 90% STAKE IN THE HIGH GRADE CHANACH GOLD PROJECT IN THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC RTG Mining Inc. has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with White Cliff Minerals Ltd. (WCN) to acquire its...

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Kumtor deal puts Kyrgyz back on the map for explorers

Kyrgyzstan’s prodigious mineral potential is back in the sights of the mining industry after a long-awaited deal between Centerra Gold and the government over the 550,000-ounces-a-year Kumtor gold mine. Read the full article on Mining Journal.

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Rockwealth Resources

is an exploration stage company, currently engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties around the world.

Kyrgyz Republic

Rockwealth Resources is currently evaluating opportunities for Carlin-type gold deposits in the southwest Kyrgyz Republic.

Why Kyrgyz?

Southwest Kyrgyz hosts the only other confirmed Carlin-type mineralization outside of Nevada.


Carlin–type gold deposits are sediment-hosted disseminated gold deposits. These deposits are characterized by invisible (typically microscopic and/or dissolved) gold in pyrite and arsenopyrite. This dissolved kind of gold is called “Invisible Gold”, as it can only be found through chemical analysis. The deposit is named after the Carlin mine, the first large deposit of this type discovered in the Carlin Trend, Nevada.


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